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Terms and Conditions
  1. This website is called www.automotobook.com (Automotobook)
  2. Automotobook is a specialized social networking website that strictly deals with cars and motorbikes. You are not allowed to use this website for any advertising, marketing or commercial purposes without our prior written consent. Automotobook assumes no responsibility in case of commercial activities between users.
  3. Automotobook is not affiliated in any way with Facebook, Lamebook, Teachbook, Shagbook or any other site with "Book" in its name or url.
  4. Access to www.automotobook.com is free and free of charge, but users are required to register and create an account. A user's account is practically his own "garage", where he can upload item-by-item his own vehicles or the vehicles he is interested in, including further information about these vehicles such as brand, model, displacement, efficiency, modifications, upgrades. He can also upload photos and videos of these vehicles.
  5. In order to have full access to www.automotobook.com, to register and create a user's account, you are necessarily required to fill out the following information in the relative form: a) username, b) password, c) email address, d) city and e) country where you live and finally f) your gender. Optionally, each user can input his first and last name, date of birth, his own website,a quote that characterizes him as an individual and links to his other social network accounts.
  6. You must be at least 16 years old.
  7. You must have a valid email address in order to register in www.automotobook.com.
  8. Each user and visitor of this website has access to the users' garages. Each user and visitor has also the ability to watch the users' particulars and the information included for each vehicle. He has also the ability to make comments in the relevant field.
  9. Each user reserves the right to publish information, photos and videos. Automotobook is allowed to use these information, photos and videos to promote this site.
  10. Automotobook reserves the right to keep the user's information (personal information, information about the vehicles, photos, videos) in its file. Only the user that owns this information has the right to use them in any way he chooses. Automotobook may also delete a user's account upon his application. This application is made by email to info@automotobook.com using the email address that the user used when activating his account.
  11. Automotobook does not give to anyone or publish users' email addresses for any reason.
  12. Automotobook does not upload or send viruses or any other malitious material.
  13. Automotobook sends cookies to insure the better function of the website. Users have the ability to decline or block these cookies by modifying their browser settings.
  14. You are strictly not allowed to post content that is pornographic, contains violence or can be regarded as offensive. You are also not allowed to post or publish content that violates the International, European laws and the laws of the country where the owner of this website lives, the Constitution and E.S.D.A.. You are also strictly not allowed to use this website in order to organize illegal activities (for example illegal street racing).Finally, you are not allowed to use through your personal information or your comments offensive vocabulary such as swear words, racist, humiliating or derogatory comments on anyone or anything. You are also not allowed to use misleading information, trademarks etc.
  15. Users are entirely responsible for the content they post on or through this website when they upload information, data, photos and videos. Automotobook has no control over the validity of the content posted or uploaded by users.
  16. Automotobook reserves the right to delete any kind of content if, according to our sole judgement, it is not in line with the concept of the present website (for example users cannot use their own "garages" in order to upload photos and videos that do not contain cars or motorbikes).
  17. Automotobook reserves the right to disrupt the access to this website without any prior notice to users in cases of maintenance-repair of the present website or in cases of illegal activities that may take place. Automotobook reserves the right to change or delete data or other information without any prior notice to users.
  18. Users are not allowed to create an account for another person or another person's vehicle or attempt to impersonate another person.(misleading account)
  19. You cannot create more than one personal account.
  20. You must not reveal your password to anyone.
  21. Automotobook has the right to change a user's username in case that he uses a trademarked logo and only if Automotobook receives complaints from the trademark owner. Automotobook has the right to change a user's username if it is considered misleading to other users (e.g you can not use "Automotobook", "Admin", "Administrator", "Moderator" etc.). Automotobook has the right to change or delete a user's first and last name in case that it is proven that these do not correspond to his real first and last name. All of the above changes can be done without prior notice to users. Automotobook is not obliged to inform the users.
  22. The registration and the use of the present website is presently for free. We do not guarantee that Automotobook will always be free. If we demand payment for our services, the already registered members do not owe Automotobook any payment. They can delete their accounts, according to their judgement.
  23. Automotobook operators do their best to insure the most efficient and safe function of the present website and respect its users and their properties. Nevertheless, you are entirely responsible when you use this website.
  24. ATTENTION! Automotobook will never ask for your password. If you are asked for, you must not reveal it to anyone. If you become aware of such behaviours or misuse of the Website by any person, please contact Automotobook.
  25. Use and Access to users' accounts by other people, except for the owners of the accounts, is not allowed. In case of violation, Automotobook assumes no responsibility. The user has the sole responsibility.
  26. Automotobook has the right to use the users' email addresses in order to send them information material regarding the website or directly communicate with them regarding the website issues.Your email address can also be used to receive mail regarding vehicle notifications or messages from other users. Your email address will NOT be shown to anyone but us. You are not allowed to use this service for promotional purposes or spamming. Automotobook assumes no responsibility, until it is aware of such behaviours. The user that sends the emails has the sole responsibility. We keep these messages in our file as a reference in case of a legal dispute.
  27. You can use the service "Invite a friend" only once for each destination. Repeated use of the service "Invite a friend" to one specific destination (email address) will be regarded as "spam" and will result in blocking or total deletion of the user's account without any prior notice to the user. Automotobook assumes no responsibility, until it is aware of such behaviours. The user that sends the repeated invitation has the sole responsibility.We keep the destination address and the acount that sent it in our files only as a reference in case of a legal dispute.
  28. New upcoming services are listed in the field "Coming Soon". Nevertheless, there is no obligation or commitment that they will entirely or partly be output. That depends on our sole judgement and in view of the user's personal interests and the most efficient function of the website.
  29. The terms above are fully essential. By signing up to this website, you automatically accept them.
  30. Automotobook reserves the right to add, change, amend or delete parts of the present "Terms and Conditions". Users and visitors are obliged to review these terms regularly to ensure that they are aware of any changes made. After the user's deletion of this website, Automotobook does not keep the user's personal information or any other data that he has uploaded during his membership. Automotobook assumes no responsibility after the user's deletion.
  31. The Courts of the owner's place of residence have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise under or in connection with the "Terms and Conditions"
  32. These Terms and Conditions were last updated on: 5 Nov 2012
  33. With explicit reservation of all our legal rights that come before Civil, Criminal, Administrative Courts and Authorities.

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