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Automotobook is a social network of cars and bikes. Unlike other similar sites, it is not concentrated on the user himself but on his vehicles. Its use is free of charge, and its purpose is to entertain and inform all car and bike lovers! It can also be a tool eg. when the service book feature is used. See below for our features.


User's Garage

Each account, is actually a garage of vehicles. When signing up, the garage is empty and you can easily add any vehicle you are interested in. When adding a vehicle, you can register all of its data, specs, modifications, extras, status etc. After the vehicle has been added you can change its avatar, and add photos and videos. Users can rate your vehicle and comment on the vehicle and its photos.

Email to other users

You can send an email directly to another user by using the relevant link. Go to the User's garage and click on "Send email to user". There is a form where you can send a message to this user directly to his email. Neither you or he, can see each other's email adress.

Service Book

For each vehicle in your garage, you can keep an online service book. You can add any work done on your vehicle with Date, Mileage, Type of job, Cost, Notes and the Shop that did it. You can export your service book in pdf format and print it and keep it for your records. This information is private and shown only to you.

Fuel Book

For each vehicle in your garage, you can keep an online fuel book. You can add any fillup of your vehicle with Date, Mileage, Fuel brand, Fuel type, Total cost, Unit cost, Quantity and Location. You can select if you have fully filled your tank or if you have missed entering a fillup so that there will be more accurate fuel statistics in the future. This information is private and shown only to you.

Maintenance Reminder

You can enter any programmed maintenance or service for your vehicle along with date or mileage intervals and we will notify you when the time has come. You have to keep the current mileage of your vehicles up to date. This information is private and shown only to you.


You can subscribe to a vehicle and get notified via email for every change that is made. The notification email concerns any change in vehicle's data, adding photos-videos, liking and commenting.


You can add a vehicle to your Favorites. Unlike Subscriptions this does NOT result in any notifications to you or the vehicle's owner. This is provided solely as a quick access to vehicles.

Activity Feed

In the activity feed area, you get informed of the latest activity in your vehicles or the vehicles you are subscribed to. There, any announcement made by the owner of a vehicle you are subscribed to, is posted. You can like an activity or comment on it.

Virtual Races

This service is actually a poll on a hypothetical race between 2 vehicles. Each user is able to challenge another user's vehicle in a race (Roll, Drag, Drift etc). Everybody is able to vote on the outcome of this race and post comments on the poll.

Account Settings

You can manage your account in the Settings page. You can enter your first and last name, your birthday (shown as "age" to others), your website and your favorite quote. You can also manage your mail notifications and extended social info, and you can change the default display units for power, displacement and torque according to what you want to see. Of course you can change your email and your account password.

Free Advertisements

Automotobook provides a free advertisement service for users who own a company, related to cars or bikes. We provide you with a single page (automotobook.com/YourCompanyName) with a standard layout. A small banner is also added to the right column of the site, that links to this page. The banners are shown randomly.You can learn more about our free ads service here


Thank you for using Automotobook.

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